Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hazel Motes and other ones

The above is a piece on the ending of Flannery O' Connor's novel Wise Blood, an ending that sort of had a profound effect on me. It's not a great drawing, but I wanted to get across the grace that happens through Hazel Motes. (Spoiler alert if you haven't read it yet) Of course, Hazel Motes doesn't look dead in this picture, but he's supposed to be. It's hard to make a figure dead and sprawled and at the same time with a living dignity. And the landlady is looking sort of in him and through him with her eyes closed. It's an incredibly inward ending, which is usual with O' Connor. (Click on either to enlarge)

At the store I used to work at there was this film production going on and I asked this group of the film crew if they had the mop which I typically used for cleaning the floors, and this one man gave me this strong hateful look, one that lingered with me all day, and so I tried drawing it later that day. Of course one can't tell what someone is actually thinking and feeling, and sometimes people aren't aware of their facial expression, but what a look it was. The drawing seems rather understated to me.

Two details from an oil painting that is not yet finished. I have a bunch that have been waiting too long.

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