Sunday, December 21, 2008


You may remember this pomegranate (on the left) seedling from this post.

It was left in the small unheated "greenhouse" late into fall. It's leaves started going yellow (I think it is an evergreen in its warmer, native habitats, but in cooler regions is deciduous. In very cool regions it's an annual. Hehe.) so I brought it inside and it dropped all its leaves and sprouted new leaders and leaves in little more than a month and a half, so that it needs to have a chopstick to hold it up.

This seedling was made somewhat hardy at a very early stage. Just after it had sprouted from seed, I left him outside in the winter cold overnight - and then some - and many of the other seedlings died. Not this one. For a young sprout the stem is very woody. His present state pictured bottom:

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