Monday, March 26, 2018


One moment you did not exist and then the next moment you did. And you had no say in the matter.

You could not add anything of like significance by your power to this prior truth, had you centuries, or the entire history of the world. Nothing you can do - had you all the energies and knowledge and technologies of the world throughout all time - can alter, take away from, or add to, in an even remotely similar significance, the truth that one moment you did not exist, and then the next moment you did.

But more, this one unalterable truth never gets old, had you the entire time of the world to attempt to wear it out. Evolution means nothing. Where is the power that brought all this into existence? Evolution? However many billions of years (years being our man-made measurement which in this matter is totally inconsequential)? LOL. And there will not be any annihilation of souls or of evil spirits as universalists like to speculate about.

This momentous fact of your coming into existence does not stale, for it is intrinsically linked to your being right now, and to the uncaused existence of God. We exist in order to know God. How would we know God if we did not exist? Like G.K. Chesterton said, "If there were no God then there would be no Atheists". That's not him being glib; rather that's him nesting a profound thought in a seemingly glib remark. Atheists prove the existence of God by being atheist: they carry with them as much as the believer in God, the notion of the existence of God, which is why they say they are Atheist. If there truly were no God then the very formulation of there being no God would not be known as anything. It would just be, and it would not be atheist.

But as it is, nothing can just be without being first caused by God. Nothing can be that does not first have being. Atheism is the most inconsistent, unreasoning thing, especially when it dismantles reason with faith. Which is what Atheists do all the time. They have faith that God does not exist and then they proceed to use reason against itself.

We participate in being - we do not create it, or give it. We have no power, nor do we have the capacity to wield power, for then we do not know what we are doing; and we know this by the initial truth that we exist, that we have being, the time before which, we did not exist; the time before which, we did not have being.

Anything that you would like to gainsay over the above has its basis in your already existing, of which you had no say in the matter.

This is the reason why being, as such, which is convertible with the term goodness, receives contempt, or is ignored through a chain of distractions. Distraction is a deception. You have being. The ground of your being is God.

This is why I regard all the talk about artificial intelligence taking over as self-indulgence. You really think there will be some point at which computers will be taking us over?  LOL. God laughs at the illusions.

People who talk about saving the planet. Bill Gates. Money. LOL. All of it is nothing but the green wood going dead.

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Writer: "We see before us Professor's new invention! An appliance exploring human souls! Soul-meter!"

Professor: "It's only a bomb."

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