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Happy Birthday, Professor!

"I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done so since I grew old and wary enough to detect its presence. I much prefer history – true or feigned – with its varied applicability to the thought and experience of readers. I think that many confuse applicability with allegory, but the one resides in the freedom of the reader, and the other in the purposed domination of the author." --J.R.R. Tolkien


As a canonized liturgical art, the Baroque is objectively on equal footing with the Gothic and the Iconographic, and neither of the three is objectively superior to the others.

Don't like that qualified teaching of the Catholic Church?

Tough shit.


"Anti-Semitism, a wholly modern thing, is the most horrible blow yet suffered by Our Lord in His ever continuous Passion: it is the bloodiest and the most unforgivable because He receives it upon His Mother's Face and at the hand of Christians..."

--Leon Bloy, Pilgrim of the Absolute

Jesus truly took His full humanity from His mother, a Semitic woman who was conceived without sin.

By extension, one could say anti Semitism is also a slap in the face of St. Joseph, since God chose Joseph, a devoted Semite, to be His foster father.

If anti Semitism is so utterly precious to you, do remember that in addition to the gravity of the above mentioned sin, another cost of being anti Semitic is becoming a heretic (not that being a heretic is the most important reason for not being anti Semitic).

For God did not "use" Mary. He took His full humanity from her. God did not "use" St. Joseph. He chose to grow up under his protection and guidance.


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