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Oil Painting

Title: Dusk Poplars

Medium: Oil on canvas paper

Size: 12 in. x 16 in.

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I just read this bit of news from Joseph Pearce at The Ink Desk:

Exciting news just received. Tolkien's long awaited translation of Beowulf is finally being published. It will be available for purchase in May, almost ninety years after the Master of Middle-earth finished it.

Here's the link to the news story:

Hotdog, I can't wait!

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Give me your love,
true Son of God.
Give me strength,
the clear bright sun.

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Viva il Papa!

Still need to get a gourd and bombilla. There's a place in Abbotsford that does things South American, and specifically yerba mate. The bulk bag above was a pretty good price, since I wasn't paying for a name.

Happy anniversary Papa Francesco!

Holy daring and depth perception: a couple noted hallmarks of Pope Francis

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Still Report on RT

As I've said before, Max Keiser is a fear-mongering, chaos-creating shill.

Bill Still does good reporting. People should subscribe to his youtube channel.

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