Monday, May 25, 2020

People have the right to worship without undue interruption and distraction from other people! Keep to yourself! Keep your distance!

Stay away from me with your feel-good ooie-gooey hugs and glad-handing!

Also: I think a viral pandemic is the perfect time to mill and mingle and get my droplets into other people's respiratory systems!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

John and Jane had been going steady for about two months. One Saturday evening they went to the movies, and after the movie they PARKED THE CAR!


And then they Went Too Far!

After, John dropped Jane off at her house. He was driving back home when his car veered over the edge of the road and went flying down the ravine where it crashed and he died and went straight to hell!

Do you want that to happen to you? Don't make out in the car!

Don't say sex! You should say marital act or genital relations!

Also don't say gender! You should say sex!

Can't we just let this virus wash over the country?

So said a eugenicist fake president who has repeatedly mentioned his Good Genes and how much he believes in the Good Genes and his German heritage and the Good Blood of Ford.

But yeah, nothing to see there.

Amazing how "herd immunity" has taken on a beloved mythological magical significance for the freedom fighters who most definitely are not sheeple being herded by political control.

100,000 and counting, a third of the world death total (and counting) after only a few months: nothing to the Good Gene Volk who love to raise the alarm about the Soros population controllers wanting to reduce the world's population. Every man dies. Not every man really gets a haircut.

You know what it is? It's what's beyond the virus - or through it - that has these people utterly, deeply, freaked out. In a word, that the Magisterium of the Church, the guidance of the Pope, making traction in the matter of reality, is the way, and the true way - the way forward and the way out. That not even a fraction of all what they have presumed upon is first on God's mind.

The slow, decades-long incubation suddenly has become terminal: these people are as ripe - if not riper - than the portion of the German population who gave their heil to the Aryan myths. It wasn't that they bought into beguiling myths. It was meat and potatoes. It was anti-p.c. It was forcing the "right side of history" to its logical conclusion. We know the result of that.

I think about that excellent letter that Tolkien wrote back to those Nazi bastards who wrote to him about The Hobbit. I think about that excellent letter Tolkien wrote to his son about how much he resented what Hitler did to the Norse myths.

Fascist appropriation: they did not poison those works which they touched because they hated them. They loved them. Yet they poisoned them. Think about that.

Think about those who appropriate Benedict XVI and Dante and Catherine of Sienna and others.

Friday, May 22, 2020

The ironic thing about conspiracism is that the many supposed threads the conspiricist supposedly connects leads to contradictory incoherence, and contradictory incoherence only reinforces the conspiricist impulse; it does not lead to a picture of the whole truth which demands your response in proportion to it.

Rather, there is a kind of circulatory constant carpet bombing of things taken more and more out of context, while the context is more and more replaced with that of the conspiricist's. This is to the conspiricist's benefit, as it is the means by which he absolves himself of the consequences of his speech and influence, and transmits this absolution to his disciples. One of the big attractions of conspiracism is that the receiver is not required to own the supposed truth to which he makes claims.

The truth is a door that opens for you to enter it, and entering it brings to light in you what hasn't been brought into the light, while bringing a new light to what has already been brought into the light. But it also makes a kind of ontological marriage, in that what light you have received requires your further truthfulness in keeping it - that is, your responsibility for it. Conspiracy theory warps this: it seeks to order reality before entering it.

But the Christian is called to form matter in this way: by entering into reality before ordering it. This is in fact the very way that God forms matter, by entering into it. This entrance declines any trace in one that smacks of mastery, of having figured things out. The great timeless miracle of the Christian is that he transforms and brings a greater good out of evil and harm, not by seeking to master it, but by entering into reality as a servant. We mirror the way God is working in us; indeed, God working in us is the very confidence by which we enter into reality before ordering it. Conspiricism shuts out God from working in one.

The notion that the conspiricist is one who follows the clues and signs to their ends is quite false; the conspiricist is forever picking them up and then abandoning them. Each time he picks them up, they are bit more distorted than before the last time he abandoned them. Conspiracy theories are the filthy suds left clinging to the sink from a paranoiac washing his hands of all the matter which constitutes reality. The real reason their patron saint is Pontius Pilate is because they love to imagine that Jesus is saying to them, "Theirs is the greater sin".

The malignant fruit resulting from their conspiracy theories (and conspiracy theories do indeed bear deadly fruit in reality) they can simply incorporate back into their constantly incoherent dramaturgy of conspiracy. He excuses himself with a swiffer of his own hand, saying that at worst all what will happen if he is wrong is that he will look like a fool (thus proving that his considerations extend only to himself).

The conspiricst sets up an alternate reality, saying that Jesus is not here in - you know - in reality. Especially not this reality. This is a version of "Look, the Messiah is out in the desert" of the false prophet.

There are people who, though they condemn the Rapture as heresy, actually believe and follow its core gnostic principle. They seem to think that God's grace and sacramental presence is a kind of rapture that takes them out of - has raptured them out of - the need to give attention to messy present matter which calls for one to enter into it before seeking to order it in order for the good to prevail in it. The conspiricist is one who seeks to embed the heresy of Rapture into the waking present.

We are rapidly entering the next phase of those who are sadly being herded under a libertarian ethos: the demonstrations, protests, vice-signalling, and so on, will become extremely fearful people taking offence at someone keeping their physical distance, and pouncing on them and beating them to death.

This is one of the fruits of conspiracism.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Is it just me, or is the silence from Chestertonian Distributists totally deafening right now?

Maybe I'm just not keeping up on things.


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Yes to all of it:

I love Johann Sebastian Bach too!

Monday, May 18, 2020

COVID-19 was cooked up in a Chinese lab as a form of global warfare and more people die in a year from frisbee accidents.

The guy who made Plandemic is a New Ager but that doesn't change the truth in the documentary and some of the scientists who make vaccines are very likely atheists so a vaccine is not God's science.

Jesus said, "Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?" but cancelling social events and closing non-essential businesses such as barbershops for the sake of the preservation of human life is the epitome of the draconian cancellation of life.

The literal cancellation of people's lives due to a highly contagious virus (the cancellation otherwise known as death, which also includes the cancellation of their funeral) including besetting the future lives of today's children with lifelong ailments, is just natural blasé statistical "death" like getting killed by frisbees (you cowards, every man dies, not every man really lives) and I hate that my frisbee throwing competition was cancelled. This is totalitarianism.

All human life is precious and sacred to the very last dying breath and is to be cared for and euthanasia is an intrinsic evil, but taking effective safety measures that dramatically flattens the rate of infection so that hospitals aren't overwhelmed and so that huge numbers of people don't end up getting killed by the virus, as well as those who would die from other sicknesses because they can't get the care they need because the health system would be overwhelmed because haircuts - well, is all human life really sacred? At what cost? Every man dies. Not every man really lives. And those health systems, those hospitals, that's where they do all the abortions. The overwhelmed capacity in the wards, it's just the devil claiming his own. Too bad those suckers didn't know about essential oils (aka God's Science).

Truth is absolute and if I don't want to accept the hard cold fact that this virus has a highly contagious asymptomatic period up to two weeks and I don't want to factor in the basic hard cold math of how many people one person comes into proximity with in one day, and how many each of those people in turn come into proximity with - in other words, if I don't want to listen to the objective science, then you're the propagandist, not me.

We are being herded like sheeple and corralled into accepting the mark of the beast by observing safety measures (we've been duped by the perfect crisis!) and we should equate the sacred value of human life with the economy of mammon and define life by the incapacity for self-sacrifice in protesting against safety measures and cancellations. To devalue life in this way in the name of freedom or fill in the blank is not being duped and herded into accepting the branding of the mark of the beast. Fascism is a little rough around the edges. It's an acceptable instrument for God. But Socialism (by which I mean anything that contradicts my ideology) is super uber duper evil!

Got to be prepared. Be a prepper. Life can change in an instant. Yeah, that's right, you wimpy couch potato sheeple. Are you ready for the storms of life? I'm just telling you like it is, bitches. Your boot straps and all, and all these eerie creepy scientific people with their science who were predicting a pandemic and warning to makes plans and be prepared - it's a conspiracy!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Often return to the first three tracks of Aphex Twin's album Selected Ambient Works 85-92:

Normally I wouldn't post the visuals/music video that someone has made for the music, as above, but somehow the visuals of those atomic bombs and H-bombs give the sultry sounding track Tha an entirely new (and obviously disturbing) angle which I never really heard in the track before, and lending a very eerie dimension to the 'found sound' of human voices that Richard James used in composing the music.


What if every single Amazon worker in every country were to go on coordinated strike? What would register on Bezos' seismograph? Why not try it, just to see what would happen? What else is there to do?

Every now and again, one gets a flash of insight into the tenderness with which Jesus underwent his passion. This glimmer - just a touch of it changes a person - is not seen anywhere but in the way Jesus takes away your sins and your guilt. His tenderness is so great, so unfathomable, the first thing you realize is how little you have known Jesus.

Throughout his passion, Jesus was not stoical, he did not "tough it out", he did not steel himself, he was not resigned. Rather, the very bowels of his tenderness were opened like a broached cask of new wine.

Try to picture the way he spoke those words of salvation to the Good Thief.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Every man dies. Not every man really kills Grandma.

Gee whiz, thanks William Wallace!


Anyways, that Braveheart meme I posted was made by Timothy Jones and featured on his facebook back in like 2012 or something, and I remembered it when I read this excellent essay by Sam Rocha: Braveheart Freedom Will Kill You.

My first encounter with a multi-level marketing pyramid cult was Primerica, over a decade ago.

I was kneeling in the second-to-last pew after Mass in communion, and I noticed in the farthest periphery of my eye someone coming in and kneeling down in the pew behind me. I knew right away that the person was intent on me, had looked at me, and was in fact kneeling there waiting for me.

I knew all that, instinctively, immediately. I knew this person was kneeling there pretending to pray. I was slightly annoyed, because now I was self-conscious about taking my time with Jesus; I waited a few more minutes, and figured I would just get up and go, because otherwise I would then be kneeling there pretending to pray.

And as I was going out through the vestibule, the man got up and approached me. He began talking; I can't remember what he said; at the time I was considering possibilities of other kinds of work. He gave me his card, but he wanted to make sure he could get in contact, so he wanted my number. It was all very non-aggressive I'm-interested-in-your-value-and-would-like-to-promote-you kind of thing. I gave him my work number.

We arranged a meeting at my place. He came with a woman. The day before the meeting I took the time to google Primerica, and pretty quickly decided I wasn't going to get involved, firmly made up my mind.

While I didn't tell them what I had read about the company - which reading was my first time learning about pyramid MLM - being the main reason why I didn't want to join, I didn't exactly lie to them either: I told them I'm not the kind of person who is good at just approaching people and visiting homes to make sales lectures and so on. That was in fact the honest truth.

When I said that, and that I didn't want to be involved, the lady became suddenly upfront and aggressive. I can't remember her exact words, but she was like, "Who did you talk to?! What did they say?!"

And in my mind I was like, "LOL WTF!"

I'm glad for the little encounter, because from that point forward I have been able to know pretty much right away when I am either approached by, or happen upon, a multi-level marketing pyramid cult.

So the Church closing worship spaces in conjunction with public state closures is PERSECUTION OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM BY THE STATE!!!

But the Church opening its worship spaces in conjunction with public state openings is...what? RELIGIOUS FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!! (said in the voice of Mel Gibson playing a complete bullshit and fictitious William Wallace).

Yeah, makes a lot of sense.


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

COVID-19 intimacy/romance advice

B.C.'s health official Dr. Bonnie Henry has instructed frisky love birds to leave space for the Holy Ghost:

“One of the people that I know in my life remarked to me that, ‘You know, now that we can’t go to bars and clubs and things, going out to the park and sitting at a distance and having picnics, those are the new romantic things people are doing.'”

I told you the 1950's were coming back.

Ha ha ha!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Just think: by publicizing Covid conspiracy theories about state imposition on the Church, you are calumniating your local bishop.

Huh, imagine that.

You might want to take that to confession.