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Send them a dubia to find out

This is a great six part series by Scott Eric Alt addressing (completely destroying) the six heresies list by C. Burke and B. Schneider on the Amazon Synod:

PART 1: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear creeping Pantheism!

PART 2: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear pagan superstition!

PART 3: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear intercultural dialogue!

PART 4: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear women, married men, and Shamans!

PART 5: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear ecology will destroy human dignity!

PART 6: Crusaders Burke & Schneider fear tribes and collectives!

I agree

"If one possesses real trust in Pope Francis as the rightfully elected successor of Peter and President of the Synod, then there’s no reason to not trust that October’s gathering may be guided away “false doctrine.” The deposit of faith is already guarded by Francis, as Pontiff." --Rich Raho

Sin of Omission

The Promethean neo-Pelagian anti-Francis trads' main sin is the sin of omission, as bad as their sins of commission against the Holy Father are. Their trad costumes hide a hollow bereavement - they are not faithful or obedient to the ordinary magisterium in the person of the Pope. Thus they have and give absolutely no example to follow. For all their tight woven neo-pharisaical sectarianism they wander aimless. They omit and leave bereft the calls and things that the Pope is emphasizing in communio. They leave as a widow the deposit of faith.

As such, they have not a shred of consensus among themselves. Their division from the Pope cuts countless divisions among themselves. They are a disparate hodgepodge of rigidly incapacitated individualists. All what brings and holds them together is totally assumed, a relativistic convenience. And in place of true dialogue, they have manipulation and brainwashing initiated in each other by crypto purity test.

Just think of St. Paul stirring up the Pharisees and Sadducees against one another by bringing up the resurrection of the dead. There are countless topics - one hardly needs to lift a finger - by which the holy trads certainly free from all error bitching about Francis are in all but physical flesh at each others' throats. They have less cohesion and coherency among themselves than the pagans of the world.
Being rich is not a sin, but it is certainly the Slippery Slope.

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It was cosmic

Quadruple decker ufo
humming on the moon bald hill
on the rim of town, where firs in rows
are buffeted with south wind blows.

Rub the doubt out from your eyes,
slap each cheek awake and throw
water in the face - what, lies? no no!
The first sight still remains, and purrs

like a glowing eyed jungle cat,
a giant bird on a stovepipe hat.
How much those beings have advanced
with layers four and lights that dance!

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