Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cohere with Atoning

The hammer on the headstone at last
will delete the two dates and the dash
which signified your running in brief,
a century or decades, or a few weeks.

It will be like a family reunion:
Hitler and the pizza delivery guy,
the Walmart cashier and Albert Einstein,
Goliath, the entire Nephilim bloodline,
the autistic child from three pews behind;

but everyone will be in their birthday suits,
and something like a blazing cake of truth
will come to each while the party horns
roll out scrolls of your labours born.

The mattocks of the angels will sink the six feet;
you will lift out like a balloon in the street.
All you wondered about will be million fold -
is sasquatch for real, do aliens exist -
if there were the little screens to hold

when the answers come to the what's and the why's
the invariable tweet would be "TMI".
Some will wish they were turned to powder.
Some their earth's pride will make them yet prouder.

Your lifetime a labour will determine the hue,
if glistening fresh or stillborn blue,
whatever you sowed will come out true.
Each particle of dust will have been a seed
you took captive for love, or nuked with greed.

The grave-breaking - hear! - has already begun:
not a sledge, but a quiet key, has undone
the lid: now's to cohere with atoning,
now to the last, all of creation is groaning.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sucked all the oxygen out of the room

Everyone was choking and gasping for that which had sustained them every second of their lives but which they had taken too easily for granted, all too easily. Too bad for them. It was like a giant robotic maid was hoovering the entire planet.

But then they realized they were all being a bunch of narcissistic drama queens, and that, indeed - yes, indeed - they could breathe after all! And there was much rejoicing!

The End.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Stone bends - huh, imagine that.

Oh, you can't tooth it out like that say the experts - LOL.

Two absolutely beautiful paragraphs

"Jesus unmasks this perverse mechanism: He denounces the oppression of the weak made instrumentally on the basis of religious motivations, saying clearly that God is on the side of the least. And to impress this lesson thoroughly in the disciples’ mind, He gives them a living example: a poor widow, whose social position was insignificant, because she didn’t have a husband who could defend her rights and therefore became an easy prey of an unscrupulous creditor, because these creditors persecuted the weak to make them pay. This woman, who puts only two coins in the Temple’s treasury, all that she had left, makes her offering, hoping to go unnoticed, almost embarrassed. However, in this humility, she in fact carries out an act charged with the religious and spiritual meaning. That gesture, full of sacrifice doesn’t escape Jesus’ attentive gaze who rather sees shine in it the total gift of self, to which He wants to educate His disciples.

"The teaching that Jesus gives us today helps us to recover what is essential in our life and fosters a concrete and daily relationship with God. Brothers and sisters, the Lord’s scales are different from ours. He weights differently persons and their gestures: God doesn’t measure the quantity but the quality, scrutinizes the heart and looks at the purity of the intentions. This means that our “giving” to God in prayer and to others in charity must always shun ritualism and formality, as well as the logic of calculation, and be an expression of gratuitousness, as Jesus has done with us: He has saved us for free. And we must do things as an expression of gratuitousness." --Pope Francis, Angelus Address Nov. 11, 2018


"You're not made of sugar" - that's what my Mom would tell us kids in the face of having to bear the elements, as for instance, when I had to do my paper delivery route in the rain.

Imagine that.

I've been long acquainted with rain, with doing strenuous and unpleasant labour in it - in sleet, snow, hail, frozen and soaked to the bone, when your body core is still shivering even after a long hot shower.

And that sort of thing pales to what soldiers would have endured in the trenches.

So, uh, just from a PNW guy with moss in his veins: the POTUS is a snowflake.

And all the talk I've heard heretofore about how he's so tough and just too much for the PC snowflakes to handle and how he's a "bull in a china shop" who makes all the snowflakes melt - all that - yeah, it just melted.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Specifically designed

to make certain pre-millennial folk go into a catatonic state.

It's kind of like those memes:

Only different.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Of Nepal

"Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli (born 22 February 1952), more commonly known by abbreviated name K.P. Oli, is a Nepalese politician and the current Prime Minister of Nepal. He is one of the two Chairmen of the Nepal Communist Party, formed by the union of Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)." --Wikipedia

"The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is the ruling political party in Nepal and is the largest communist party in South Asia and third in Asia. It was founded on the 17th of May 2018, from the unification of two leftist parties, Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist) and Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre). The unification was completed by the Party Unification Coordination Committee, after 8 months of planning. The two predecessor parties subsequently dissolved, making way for the new united party. The party retains the electoral symbol of the CPN (Unified Marxist-Leninist), the sun. The party is the largest political party in the House of Representatives, National Assembly and in six of the seven provincial assemblies. Khadga Prasad Oli, the Prime Minister of Nepal since 15 February 2018, is co-chairman of the party along with Pushpa Kamal Dahal." --Wikipedia

"Nepalese internet providers have begun blocking thousands of pornographic websites as part of a government directive aimed at stopping sexual violence, officials said Sunday.

"The government issued new criminal and civil codes this year that include regulations against the use, broadcast and publication of pornographic materials with punishment for violators of up to one year in prison...

"...'We are following the government order and have blocked the list of websites that was provided. However, it is not practical and technically not possible to block every pornographic website,' said Binay Bohra of Vianet Communications." --CTV

So government rulers in Nepal, who are majority Communist Party, are ordering porn sites blocked.

In the Great Last Bastion of Free Democratic Capitalist Enterprise and Western Civilization all porn sites are completely accessible to everyone and no rulings about blocking have been made.

Huh, imagine that.

Peach pit carving: rose

This one is from several years ago.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Peach pit carving: rose

Some different shots.

On the other side I carved a sort of sea wave sort of spiral kind of thing, which I didn't spend as much time on.

Mass, Friction, and Gravity

Beware the leaven of the Pharisees. Beware of those who are rigid. They are classic manipulators who distort the faith.

In dry-stoning you have three principles to work with: mass, friction, and gravity. The key to why dry-stoning is upheld as such a long-lasting method of construction is that it allows for movement, while absorbing it, because it is not fixed with cement. It is not rigid. Ground swell movement will not bring the construction down if the three principles are followed well.

Foundation stones, both large and small, follow the same principles. They are proven in how they bear the brunt of antagonistic elements by the living interaction of the three phenomena: it is not actually the supposed rigidity of any rock, that makes strong foundations, but rather its singular mass, combined with gravity and friction.

Friction would imply a number of these masses. And the very mass of the biggest piece of bedrock you can think of would imply great friction with the next largest. Think of tectonic plates; the same principles apply to the sure foundation of building into solid bedrock: mass, friction, and gravity, just on larger scale. The real reason why sand (which is just many very tiny stones, each one having the same supposed "rigidity" as the huge piece of bedrock) is bad as a foundation is because, not having any great singular mass, or numbers of great masses, and too much regularity between particles, it produces no friction by means of gravity (hence hourglasses).

In fact, there is an argument to be made that each "grain" of sand, which again is just a very little stone, is even 'harder', or more 'rigid', than the huge mound of bedrock, for you can strike a chunk off the meat of the bedrock, but good luck breaking a piece off the little stone of sand.

Friction implies opposing irregular forces, not rigidity. Think of the arch: it is two weaknesses making a strength. That was Leonardo of Vinci's definition of the arch, which is absolutely true. And the principle of the arch is so seminal that it provides the root for the word 'architecture'.

None of this has anything to do with rigidity. Mass, friction, and gravity - these are true phenomena; but rigidity is merely the opposite of pliancy. It is mere frozenness - rigor mortis. While a certain level of rigidity is a feature and by-product of all construction, it is not the heart or foundation. It is a mere result of fixing four or more posts together with horizontal beams, and the relativity of that rigidity to other prevailing forces is - how does one say - lameduck: the rigidity of four posts tacked together by horizontal beams is merely four posts that instead of falling down individually, can now fall down all together. That is not foundational at all. Indeed, any degree of soundness and solidity comes with the mass of the roof bearing down via gravity onto the structure.

That is because rigidity is weakness; it is brittle. It has no dynamic. Rigidity and brittleness are always synonymous; it is dead wood as opposed to pliant, living wood. Dead branches snap. That is why in modern-day construction, where concrete is the main building material, they have to put in rebar. Otherwise the rigid concrete just breaks - it snaps.

Proving this point even further is the fact that concrete is stronger, not to the degree of its 'hardness' or 'rigidity' from lime, but to the degree that irregular aggregate sand is used - as opposed to a fine sand. This is why the ancient Romans built their roads with several layers of differing aggregate masses. This is why they would build reverse arches in the foundations under the arches of bridges. And even the particular hardness of their concrete, owing to the addition of volcanic ash, has the paradox of literal living rock with dynamics, of densifying with time, and not fixed rigidity.

So foundations, such as the foundation of the rock of the church, has nothing to do with rigidity, let alone the members who build on the rock. It is not the sign that one has built their home on the rock. Anyone can assume a rigid stance.

Or look at power lines - the big ones that go across empty fields. They require those little X's at intervals of the cables so that wind movement will not carry on down the lines (think of the tin can telephone), gathering momentum and force as it travels, and bring the whole construction down. The rigidity of the metal towers those lines run across will not do a damn thing to prevent such an occurrence.

Speaking of snapping, it reminds me of some statistic that was cited a number of years ago on the neo-schismatic site Rorate Caeli that said more people who attend the Roman Rite in the Ordinary Form had mental problems than people who attend the Roman Rite in the Extraordinary Form. On reading that, I immediately thought, "All what that statistic proves is that of all the people to be found with mental afflictions across all walks of life, those who attend the Ordinary Form are more likely to seek help, while those who attend the Extraordinary Form - yeah, they'll let that pressure cooker go until freaking doomsday and-- snap, you name it, all kinds of shit comes out: the terrorism of gossip, accusation, divisiveness, anti-Papism, instrumentalizing of the Mass, anti-Semitism, etc.

It is part of the territory too - that the absolutist fundamentalist regards mental science, and its consequent diagnoses and methods for healing, as an anti-religious, secularized delusion of the devil. They will be quickest to diagnose their mental affliction or mental disorder as a direct spiritual attack, which is simultaneously a form of self-flattery as they then double down on their rigidity.

This has popularity in the pro-life movement too, where some pro-life warriors (bless their hearts) have a penchant for bragging about how much the devil hates them and their work, and consequently how much they get attacked.

You cannot carry the cross, which implies walking with the cross, when you are rigid. Rigidity is a kind of neo-gnosticism - or promethean neo-pelagianism.

The mass of the cross comes down onto the reception of your shoulder and plants your feet solid onto earth as you step forward in tenderness.