Monday, December 8, 2008

The Immaculate Conception

17th. century wood polychrome
Museum of the Church of San Paio (St. Pelagius), Santiago de Compostela, Spain

How could Jesus Christ, the divine and sinless one who was to be sacrificed for our redemption, take up sanctuary in the virgin Mary's womb without it sanctifying her?

If so, then how could Jesus Christ's sanctifying her (by His being conceived in her and borne by her physically) have been accomplished without the eternal precedent of that Incarnation already preparing her as a clean receptacle for His conception?

If so, then how could Jesus Christ our God, in His plan from the beginning for the Incarnation, prepare her as a clean receptacle without conceiving her without original sin?

How could Jesus Christ our God not see to this full, unlimited measure of grace be given to this spouse of the Holy Ghost? How could God, who garnered so much building up of time and anticipation through the history of the Old Testament, not see to this moment of the annunciation without a continued, even greater anticipated work of sanctification, focalized in the person of Mary? How could God not do this, who is Himself eternal and existed from before the beginning - who is the Alpha and the Omega?

If God's forerunning witnesses, the prophets, who merely spoke words of His coming, and did not physically bear the One Christ Child within them, were themselves holy after a degree, though born into our original corruption, then how much more holy could be the actual physical bearer of He Himself - and before the moment she became the bearer - made holy by Him who she was to bear?

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