Monday, December 29, 2008

Original Artwork

Hallet Peak, By Timothy Jones

Guinness & Stein, By Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones who blogs at Old World Swine has officially launched his Daily Painting Blog!

Tim writes about it:

"Now, "daily painting" doesn't mean necessarily a painting a day... it just means I plan to paint daily, and I'll offer that work on the new blog (via e-bay). In practice I look for this to shake out at about 3 paintings a week, though that may increase as things progress.

These are mainly small - even miniature - pieces, but made with all the care I would give to any of my larger artworks.

I will also soon be offering some very special pricing on some of the art from my old fine art website, as I move into this new strategy.

Up until very recently, making a living in original fine art was mainly a matter of finding gallery representation (in viable commercial galleries) and building a reputation (and generating income) that way. Finding publicity through art competitions and art publications could help to make you more attractive to these galleries. But the whole process of vetting and courting galleries - in addition to actually trying to get any work done - has been like hiking through molasses. One needs almost to work full time just on marketing, scheduling competitions, hob-nobbing and the like. It doesn't help that I'm such an intense introvert.

With the advent of the internet, though, there are now more and more artists taking their work directly to the public. It's a transition I've been turning over in my mind for some time, but hesitated to jump into.

I have now made the jump. That means that the prices I had on a lot of my artwork will be reduced because I no longer need to consider the requirements of a third party (the galleries) or worry so much about impressing collectors that might drop by. So, in addition to the small daily painting pieces, watch for some larger work as well.

The long and short is that I would rather paint - and make my living from painting - than not. If that means pricing my work so that it will be more accessible to a wider audience, then that is a change I am happy to make. It could even be seen as very Chestertonian... a Distributist approach to fine art..."

For fine original art, especially of Tim's bent (which requires much more than passing words on this post to describe/praise/critique), the prices are a steal.

Be sure to head on over there often (Timothy Jones' Daily Painting Blog), as new work will be appearing every week...and you just don't know if there's going to be a piece that you just have to have.

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Tim J. said...

You reproduced my artwork without express written permission?

How DA-A-A-A-A-ARE you???!!!


Thanks for the link and the kind words.