Friday, December 19, 2008

Roses and some other flower I don't know the name of

This was done quite a while ago (as the other three inks I've posted below). I remember getting acquainted with the micro pens and real ink paper. It was love at first meeting - even though the results may not have been as blissful. You can actually see me switching styles somewhat as I got to the lower flowers and got more comfortable with pen and subject. (Click to enlarge)


Tim J. said...

I've been enjoying your drawings and am glad to see you continuing to post them.

It also gives me some incentive to draw more, myself.

I especially took note of this one and meant to comment, but was wrapped up in other things;

Sarah said...


Paul Stilwell said...

Thank you Tim. I'm especially delighted that you noted the one you did. Of the Redwood Park drawings, that one's my favourite, so far. The drawing was done in a very visceral way. I will continue to post.

I should also take the time here to say thanks to Dominic (Professio) for his encouraging comments from before.

Sarah, they're not foxglove. I'm pretty sure of that. I think they still grow at mom and dad's, where these ones are from. I'll ask them.