Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tiny big

My eye took in a gnat
while bicycling fast and past
the fields’ ditch’s dusk musk.

Now one may think that that
is no great deal, but stat
and hard the pain it thrust.

A fingertip is too fat
to take out a gnat,
though fingertips may husk

an ear of corn, no spat.
Other pains, in leg or back,
with added pains will bust.

For instance, scratch from cat
would be no great drat,
if you were stabbed after that

with an elephant tusk.
Yet if first you were stabbed
with the tusk, and then the cat

scratched, it would be that
added bit to bring it all back
that would be tor-tu-ous.

Lesson: don't believe every mess
your mind makes out to be is there,
lest you make a bigger mess, and lose your prayer.

I could not remove the gnat,
so settled with the fact
my head has its own digestive tract.

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