Friday, November 28, 2008

Christian filmmakers at work

"Its circuit boards cracked, the camera refused to start up for ten minutes … at least, not until members of the cast and crew gathered around the camera and prayed over it. At that point it fired up, and the shoot was completed.

Tim says that in the whirlwind of post-production he and his brother completely forgot about the incident - until they sent the camera back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer, he relates, said that “all the circuit boards were cracked and there was no way this camera should have been able to work.”

This incident, which the young director posits may be a veritable miracle, is just one of a host of remarkable stories that surround the making of “Volition.” Indeed, the creation of the short film is steeped in coincidences and startling circumstances that hint that “Volition” yet has some definite purpose to serve."" (From Thursday, November 27th. LifeSiteNews)

The Morgan brothers (Tim and Matthew) made this short film Volition, which interweaves three time periods that together, contextualize abortion as a great part of that long line; the constant inclination throughout history "[to] classify other groups of people as less than human, as sub-human, through scientific means or whatever means possible, so as to rationalize the mistreating and the suppressing of the other group.”

LifeSiteNews has the article on the making of the film here.

The film, started as an outline by Tim in a fever one night in Israel, was later funded by Doorpost, an online film competition the brothers had entered some time back and had forgotten about. (Doorpost website found here.) The competition's theme was 'Hope'.

The film (Volition) can be viewed here, among the others.

For the kind of short film that it is I think it works on a number of levels. Typically a film that juxtoposes time periods to give context would make me yawn, but here it has vitality. Interesting is how the very title, Volition, as an objective fact of life, has such bearing on the direction of life. Personal human life is either this great miracle or it is dross, and our choices (non-choices included) either contribute and enrich that miracle or dishonour it, and its Creator. Abortion is the ultimate 'test' of that either/or recognition.

These filmmakers show much promise. And so does the actual fact that such films are getting their ground in high level competitions. Says Tim:

"[The Christian community]...has kind of left the art world on the back burner. My vision would be them treating the art world, the film world, with the same sense of urgency as they’re treating, for instance, an overseas mission.

“This is an emergency for our culture, to be able to influence our film, our arts, the American pop culture in this way.

“I know there’s a lot of Christian investors out there...My vision is kind of having the Church as passionate about the art world and the culture and film, and having people, kind of like in the old days of the Church, where they would sponsor the artist that would influence the modern pop culture. I guess my vision is of seeing that happen again, where the Church sees the urgency of influencing the film and entertainment world.”

More about Tim and Matthew Morgan and their film company can be found at:

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