Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gunnera manicata

This inflorescense is from a neigbour's Gunnera (Dinosaur food. Or Giant rhubarb). I've found out how to germinate the seeds. I just break this piece up and lay the pieces as they are on top of some moist peat and leave it outside over winter. This will give some not entirely necessary stratification as well as rains which will decompose the coatings. Come spring there should be germination.

These plants are easy to spot. Just look for the hugest single leaves you've ever seen. The ones with the diameters of hoola-hoops - or larger. They are also very leathery. Once the fall hits here in British Columbia you can still see who has them in their yards by the three foot heaps of brown mush. The decomposed leaves go into protecting the root crown over winter. Though some people clean up the mush instead. We get wet moderate winters - thankfully.

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