Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Bananas and leaves

Redwood park. I was sitting in the meadow quite hidden in the grass and in this clutch of trees doing this drawing, when suddenly I heard some woman talking as though to a group of people. I look up and there's a wedding going on by the old bigleaf maple (a drawing of it found in previous post). A woman Justice of the Peace minister was doing the wedding. I felt too embarrassed to get up with my bike and leave while their wedding was going on, so I sat there, and sat there, drawing - my legs and butt going numb. The above drawing is what came, and the one below (one of the many reasons to get married inside a church; you won't have innocent stalkers hiding around saying to themselves, "When in blazes are they going to finish!?").

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Anonymous said...

Keep the drawings coming. You have a unique perspective.

Have a great Thanksgiving and God bless you and your family.