Monday, April 8, 2013

The Tiny Sanhedrosphere

"This is why I have a hard time buying when people tell me that the Urine and Vinegar crowd “love the Mass”. No they don’t. Like you, they frequently express their hatred and blasphemy for the Mass. What they love is a particular aesthetic. And they love it more than Jesus Christ himself, fully present in the Eucharist at the OF. They also frequently express, as you do, their intense hatred of most of the Church and of the Holy Father. HI, it is you and those who talk like you who are the greatest enemies of the EF in the world. And you seem to have absolutely no awareness of the deep evil you advocate. Repent." --Mark Shea responding to a reader

Dawn Eden has a post up about how the source for one of the smears circulated on Rorate Caeli comes from an anti-semite.

One of the most arrogant statements to have come from one of the writers of the team at that blog was a comment saying, in the midst of post after post duct-taping the new Pope into left-liberal boxes, "We report. You decide."

Oh yeah? More like, "We decide what to report in order to influence a certain type of decision."

They do not love the truth. If they did, they would have substantiated in extremis all reports before publishing them right on the heels of the election of a new pontiff.

Will they be forthcoming in publishing corrections and substantiations to those unreliable stories they published? You know, like the one that put to rest the absolutely ridiculous story about "circus time being over"? Do they love the truth?

They lay claim to tradition as the way to God and only set it up as an obstruction and political label and turn it into petty gnostic bullshit (the cool/smart/knowledgeable-we-took-the-red-pill club). They claim to be truth-seekers and are only propagaters of calumnious and unreliable sources. They fumble, bumble, tarnish and turn upside down that which they so self-righteously claim to uphold - in they very same breath they claim to be upholders and keepers.

They have had their reward.

And even that which they have will be taken away from them.

UPDATE: Fr. Angelo has a post up: Antisemitism Cloaked in Lace and Brocade

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