Sunday, April 21, 2013

Don't go rancid

So a priest comes before the pearly gates and St. Peter puts his face right up to the priest and is all like, "Hm! Incense and beeswax and wood oil and a certain ineffable starchiness of clean linens! Very good! Now GO ON! GET OUT OF HERE!"

And the priest is all like, "But St. Peter, why?"

And St. Peter is all like, "Because you don't smell like your sheep! Without that, everything else is rancid!"

So anyways - that was cheap shot wasn't it - these words came to my head quite clearly today before mass:

The cross is the key to the infinite storeroom of riches at the heart of Christ's mercy. It is very simple. There is no other key.

Our shepherd is a lamb.

Those who worship the Lamb by stripping themselves of their idols before Him will have the victory of making it through the Great Ordeal.

I love those words from Pope Francis about how Christ does not have a home because he makes His home in us and so we are to "go out of ourselves" in the same manner for that is the true security and preservation of the tradition of the faith, and otherwise we keep the ointment in the jar and it goes rancid.

Material Success, by William Kurelek


Terry Nelson said...

That thought sounds like the Holy Spirit to me.

BTW - William Kurelek - I like.

Charles Van Gorkom said...

excellent--excellent---most excellent! Thank-you for sharing.