Thursday, April 25, 2013

For Future Reference

Just so you know for future reference: in withholding approval to the question of "same-sex marriage" you are not merely withholding your approval. You are positively avowing your disapproval of it. Get used to that idea. And this disapproval must be given honest expression.

Because the institution of marriage is fundamentally communal, whether you like it or not, you either approve or you disapprove.

Because you are part of a community whether you like it or not, the "redefinition" of marriage, which is fundamentally communal in that it is the foundation and continuation of society and in that it takes place in community, demands an answer.

To not say anything in answer is to say something about what you believe about marriage: that it is not fundamentally communal, but is subject to the isolation of individualistic relativism. That is what you say marriage is then. Therefore, by not answering, you are saying you approve of what certain people seek to do to it.

When someone explains how same-sex civil unions either won't have any bearing on the Catholic Church in society or that one need not fret about it because "it" doesn't aim to "redefine" marriage, then the "redefinition" of marriage has already gained access to their own lips.

For the institution of marriage is fundamentally communal, and to say that legislation regarding unions can exist without bearing upon marriage is to say that marriage is subject to isolation: one of the great unspoken factors in the destruction of marriage has been the isolating elements in technological society, which have caused people to forget, indeed, have positively eradicated from societal memory the vital fact that marriage is itself foundational to the community in which they live.

The negation of community from marriage has meant that man and wife are further pushed into a hateful sort of squaring off with each other in which both unjustly read the other to death, ending in divorce, rather than being the radioactive core that, as one flesh, looks outward on the world.

I positively disapprove of "same-sex marriage" and "same-sex civil unions", and declare them to be anathema: anathema on those who partake in them, anathema on those who preside over them, anathema on those who defend them, and anathema on society itself which it seeks to destroy.

You curse yourselves who would "redefine" marriage; and the curse of Sodom and Gomorrah you bring upon the nation.

Those who seek to "redefine" marriage legislate the destruction of society, the destruction of nations, the destruction of families, all the while erecting an utterly false facade of communitarian peace which is nothing but the Satanic herding of individuals through an unspoken mob mentality into a spiritual, psychological, economic slavery where the most fundamental privacy of individuals is violated and dictated to, and in which children are unjustly brought up without a mom and a dad, but are brought up with two moms or two dads, being unjustly deprived of having both a mother and a father; who are brought up in this unjust way solely to make good the "law" that was enacted to suit the perversions of the same-sex couple.

Isn't it strange, how in this world of ours, that has so much opportunity for isolation from others - especially in the sense of a false individualism where we pretend that what we do has no effect on our neighbours - how in this world of cars and personal computers and not having to know our neighbours next door, we see an unprecedented violation and intrusion on normal privacy?

Let's stop believing in this unconscious individualism business, because the result of believing in it is the loss of your unique individuality.