Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tarkovsky Tuesday

There's this part in Tarkovsky's Mirror that is in none of the videos posted here (see updates). I couldn't find this particular part on youtube. I've seen Mirror several times, and one time when I watched it this part came up, sort of at the end of a somewhat lengthy tracking sequence; I wasn't expecting it, since the way the film is put together you cannot really remember the sequencing of everything, but the image wasn't "new" to me, since I had watched the film a number of times before.

Yet, unexpectedly, without any sort of forewarning or feelings or build up of any kind, upon seeing this image I suddenly choked and burst into tears.

I didn't know why, and I still do not know why. It was an image of the eternal.

Stupid Mosfilm blocking. Just go to youtube if you want to watch any of it.

UPDATE: Oh wait, vimeo has the entire film you can watch:

Зеркало. Тарковский. from Media Club Beta on Vimeo.

UPDATE 2: Oh, never mind, it has no sub-titles.

UPDATE 3: Anyways, the image I was writing about is at the end of the tracking sequence at 1:37:41 to 1:38:30, looking out the window.

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