Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Poor

"There’s not one determining moment. If you want an example, I suppose the best one would be his option for the poor. Many times that made his life difficult here in Argentina, both in terms of his relationship with the government and also with some business people who wanted him to shut up about it. He always chose the poor people, no matter what, and frankly in this country it can cost you to speak out in favor of the poor." --Maria Elena Bergoglio on her brother Jorge, Pope Francis

"...Not any and every priest has been persecuted, not any and every institution has been attacked. That part of the church has been attacked and persecuted that put itself on the side of the people and went to the people's defense. Here again we find the same key to understanding the persecution of the church: the poor." --Archbishop Oscar Romero, Servant of God

The unborn are today the poor. I believe Pope Francis has also mentioned human trafficking. All these inconvenient things that stand in the way of building a new world order. The diseased, the deformed, the rejected: our King is a crucified king who is found in them.

I know! People are all like, oh, he's for the poor, he's for the poor! repeating the mantra of the media.

And by golly, they're right. While the actual depth of what those words may yet prove to mean has yet to strike them, as far as words go, they're right. They're not interested in articulating nuanced positions about the Holy Father, as though that's what we have a pope for. It's not lucrative for them. Besides, finding a position between the extremist factions...that's what you call a false center.


owen swain said...

If the secular media needs a mantra for the Pope then People are all like, "oh, he's for the poor, he's for the poor!" isn't such a bad one. But, whatdoiknow.

Paul Stilwell said...

That's what I was saying.