Monday, June 16, 2008

They go to California to be officially recognized

"SAN FRANCISCO - Dozens of gay couples were married Monday night after California became the second state to allow same-sex nuptials, offering a preview of the euphoria and anger to come as gay couples from across the nation head west to wed…
...As a printer churned out a license with spaces for "Party A" and "Party B" where "bride" and "groom" used to be, Newsom called officiating the wedding "this extraordinary and humbling gift."" --Yahoo News

So, the "marriage" licenses have for the name spaces, in place of Bride and Groom, "Party A" and "Party B".

Isn't that what it's all about? After all this time, we finally see how simply unifying it is. How could we be so abrasive all this time over such beautiful peaceful civil unions? And that's all they have wanted. After all those years of "being denied this right, this civil right", a gay couple can finally, finally, be recognized as Party A and Party B. At least in California. And other places certainly. In the future, if we hold out, gay couples will be recognized as such in every state. We must give the Humble Obama the chance.

I did not know that a person was a Party. Then again, I did not know that marriage was something like a political party's preamble, to be added to and adjusted as seen fit. But apparently it is all of it, one big party. How can you be such a rigid religious turd? Celebrate good times, c'mon. Words and definitions are meant to be free man, free.

Was there more than two people being recognized in the same "union", you might ask. That's a good question, because the licenses do say "Party A" and "Party B". Apparently William Shakespeare did not bother to think that the Montagues and Capulets could have easily ended their feud by legal civil union. Well, that's open to debate I'm sure, you know, about the "Party" thing. "Open to debate" means: stop being divisive you rigid religious turd; if a woman and another woman want to bring their pet dog into the relationship, who are you to say anything? Hm? Who are you to bring your God into this? After all, Jesus said, "Whoever among you is without sin, cast the first stone."

These couples know lots about Jesus. He was compassionate you know, just like Mayor Gavin Newsom. He doesn’t hold inquisitions in his mayor's office, no sir. Because of Mr. Newsom, now any couple can go to an official office in California and have their union sodomized--er, I mean solemnized. "I hereby take thee, Party A, to be my Party A, until death do us party. By the power invested in me as official party, I pronounce thee Party A and Party B. Party A, you may now kiss the Party B. Or Party B, you may make the move instead. Or you can both just kind of meet in the middle."

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