Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Acrostic Poem (for sister)

Polish them off, one by one, the puffy scones.
Usually though, no more than two, for they fill
Mine stomach up, and so one has to still
Presumptuous hands, being scony-prone.
Kippers are good with toasty rye
Inlayed with butter, and then some beer.
Naught though at times are my taste, so they steer

Straight for said dainties and darkest night
Coffee: Sugar in both and pumpkin in
One. No mess it makes, except for crumbs;
No worries, there's a plate! See how it works!
Exfoliating scones drop odd pieces thereon;
Stomach takes the rest, while on palette coffee lurks!

1 comment:

colleen4 said...

Well that's just brilliant. As good as my pumpkin scones!