Sunday, June 1, 2008

If you want to have a good laugh

then watch this video:

What is most apparent about this retarded, impotent, bloodless, wimpy, self-strangulated video is how utterly unwatchable it is, and how utterly it has no real message whatsoever. Gee, did you notice the absolutely unconvincing, dotard and senile repetition of certain words? Never. Never. Never. Never. Never. All spoken in voices of such undistinguished, neutered, pallid tenor, that you truly wonder how such character as this ever got to be the catalyst for "diversity".

The first group that takes the lead in hate-speech and loathing against the homosexual community (that is, the one that promotes homosexual acts such as anal penetration either through genital intercourse, fisting, or foreign objects, or any other unchaste, disordered, filthy and inherently cruel acts, or even those acts which may be apparently not cruel but which are still immoral, such as oral sex) is the active homosexual community itself. They are filled to brimming with self-loathing; loathing against one another. They hate religion that has moral statements and stances on homosexuality. They hate those who respect them and who teach chastity. They hate those who have 'converted' and live a married life (real marriage that is). Do they hate those who are single and 'gay' but choose to live chaste lives while encouraging others to do so? Don't know about that one.

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