Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Religion in Canada

Here is an example of a top-notch Canadian, totalitarian, propagandistic, brain-washing statement (from Harris-Decima president Bruce Anderson, after their recent survey of "belief"):

"Religion in Canada today is not a particularly divisive subject and tolerance levels for different beliefs are high. This is evident in the fact that one in four people feel comfortable saying they do not believe in a god."

Aside from the first sentence being the summation of one who must be totally deluded and living in a fantasy world, these are words as total vacuum, which yet have a score of conflated presuppositions that are foisted on the reader, and which are the real content of the statement.

The foisted presuppositions are these:

Religion is to be nothing more than a subject to be tolerated; every instance of mention of religion is to be an instance of nothing more than saying, "we are to be tolerant of all beliefs" (which is time and again, the cudgel used to tell Christians to shut up); our "high level of tolerance" is above all religion and of higher value than all religion; religion is naturally and inherently divisive if it is allowed to become anything more efficacious than "a subject to be tolerated", that is to say, if we let it be religious; religion is the great bully of poor marginalized atheists; don't be religious or you will be accused of being divisive; the evidence of our wonderful high level of tolerance (which is a lie) is seen only via atheists, who, poor marginalized them, feel comfortable saying they do not believe in a God; people who proclaim their belief in God with boldness and conviction, or in fact in any way whatsoever, inherently marginalize and hurt others who "may not share the same beliefs"; believing in God and acting as though one believes in God is not to be tolerated; we hereby disown, while still riding the crest of goods it has given us and which we take for granted, our ancestral belief in One Holy Transcendent Personal God; we will react to any definite, convincing statements of belief in God, within school, politics, or public places, the same way an insane maniac in a padded cell reacts to any concrete contact with that which resides outside of himself and which is for the betterment of his health.

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