Saturday, June 21, 2008


Suicide seeds would be completely consistent with the Canadian government's nanny state control and monopolizing on every aspect of life.

Giuliano Tolusso is a Senior Policy Analyst with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He admitted that his department hasn't talked to farmers. "We haven't necessarily actively consulted farmers," Tolusso told the Ottawa Citizen. But, he said, we should go ahead with terminator anyway because "There's always a risk with any technology. The brakes on your car are not 100 per cent effective either. They can rail."

Quote from this article. An older article, but the concern and danger is still there.

What lovely language though. We haven't necessarily actively consulted farmers. Uhm, we haven't consulted farmers. You have to wonder if you have the right policy analyst for agriculture when the analyst makes the comparison of using suicide seeds with car brakes. Yes, the brakes on the car are not 100 percent effective either. But then again, when your car crashes, it doesn't set off an unfathomable and seemingly endless chain reaction of car crashes everywhere.

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