Saturday, May 10, 2008


Pen/ink triptych of united church in Cloverdale. Did this quite a while ago.


Bryan <> said...

Finally, I beat Colleen to the punch! Are you considering selling this piece? Or, has she claimed it through some other means--email, telephone, prayer? It would go great in a new church office! Cheers, Bryan <><

niggle said...

Sure, I'll consider selling it. It's just sitting in a drawer. Of course, the other pieces technically aren't sold - not yet anyway. But as for this one...sure, you get first dibs.

In Christ,

niggle said...

Of course, if it goes up in the office, no one need know it's the United Church. You might wind up in a scandal.

niggle said...

Does this mean what I think it means: "New church office"?

Bryan <> said...

It sure does. Have quite the little story to tell too--at least in my humble opinion. A new chapter begins to unfold.

In Christ's Service,

Bryan <><