Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lack of Sleep

My very nearly completely sleepless night has got me wondering about initiatives we as a society might take in bridging the fissures of communication and bring about a great peaceful brotherhood of man and ascend to the next plane of consciousness in, uhm, the brotherhood of man; in binding us in a community of honesty where understanding and compassion prevail, where people don't have to worry about fudging around in order to be accepted; and tolerance is tolerated with compassionate tolerance.

I've thought about it while at work today. Maybe we could start with a principle, which we shall for the moment call the principle of frank, whereby the conversation between two people is prevented from becoming a distraction and harbinger of dishonesty that further alienates both persons from themselves and from the truth of each other. For example:

First person walks by second person, and says to him: "Hey, how's it going? My, you look tired today."

Second person says: "Yes, I didn't get any sleep last night."

"Awwwwww, poor thing. Why? Were you having worries? Maybe debt has you up? Is everything alright?"

"Oh yes, everything is fine. I was just randy as hell, that's all. Couldn't get to sleep."

"Oh. Uhm. All night?"

"Yep. Randy as a dog. Sheer torture."

"Alright, well, see ya later. Have a good day."

"Yeah, thanks. Same to you. Bye."

Of course, if the person in question is somewhat embarrassed to use the frank principle, he can use a sort of coded variation:

"My you look tired today."

"Yeah, didn't get any sleep last night."

"Awwwww....poor thing. Why? Were you troubled by something?"

"Yea. Sharp loin pangs came hither,
troubled wake-watch in the night,
whereby man's body force feeds thither
all manner of phantasms to darken mind's light,
until birds are heard, and horror at naught one wink
of sleep, dawn rises on my randyness."

"Oh wow. Is that Shakespeare? Wow. Insomnia must be so cool. Well, see ya later, have a good day."

"Yeah, same to you. Bye."

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