Saturday, May 17, 2008

Be a mother, or father; not a parent

These days, parents tend to kind of suck. And they tend to suck because their right to parent their own children is being taken away from them. And unfortunately perhaps many of them want it taken away. It is being taken away by many things, from majorly screwed up people in the school system (like practising homosexuals and equanimous social-worker drones), to the everyday presence of the television.

Parents fork over their rights as parents in the very name of good parenting. The cruelty is they lose their ability to parent in proportion to seeking how to "be a good parent"; ala, caving in to the notion that parenting is something learned from how-to books, or charming and humorous personalities with familial ancedotes stuffed up the ying-yang, that reduces the thing to a ridiculous psychological game, or listening to the ever present voice of the "experts". Yup, as long as everything is going 'smoothly', you're a good parent. And as long as you have Atticus Finch's savage children down the street to make your own operations look all dandy, well, nothing to worry about.

Top 100 List of Great Compliments You Can Give Your Child.

Recent research shows that either too much discipline or too little can be detrimental to your child's health.

Recent research shows that children under the age of five need their parents more than at a later age.

Recent research shows spending time with your children may be beneficial.

10 Great Things You Can Do To Be the World's Best Parent.

Recent research shows children healthier when both mother and father present.

Recent research shows Parenting, for Dummies has not had noticable effects in the betterment of children's and teens' behaviours.

I remember my time in public elementary school. While the stupid sex-ed vaccines were being injected then at the time, I still remember it as the final dusk (including my high-school years) before everything went cold and dark. I consider myself one of those last modern old worlders, when strapping hands for punishment had only just gone out of fashion. I remember the "old adventure playground". The kind of miniature ewok housing development that would send our socially aware composites into bureaucratic fits of 'cautionary measures'. And well, apparently it did do just that, because it's not there anymore. It has been replaced with some kind of vague, plastic, marshmellow kind of deal; just the kind of thing where the children (at least the sane ones) look at it and say, "What the hell are we supposed to do with that?" Or else they fall in line and, well, never find out what they are missing.

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