Saturday, May 3, 2008

Excerpt from something I'm writing

If we glean any immediate message from the Gospels, that is, any rather obvious thing which we are inclined to miss for its very obviousness, one for sure is that God, made Man, has chosen as part of His coming to us via story. And we see how these wonders as recorded in the stories are yet regimented in the ordinary walks of ordinary people doing ordinary things. When these recorded things came about to happen, people had been making myths for millennia; just as much as they had been getting pregnant and visiting relatives and having people over for supper and climbing trees. If the Son of God utilizes ordinary means of working and manifesting miracles to people, as the gospels tell it, then is it not consistent that God would choose to integrate, as a large part of His manifestation, story itself onto, and through, the predilection inherent in us to make stories?

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