Sunday, July 7, 2013

The atmosphere of the world is so false that it is foreign to truth

"You remember the prophet's advice? 'Go and wash in the river.' And the leper, finding this too easy, wanted to go away. But his servant said to him, (...) 'Something simple can always be tried.'

I ask My children for the most ordinary actions: eating, drinking, sleeping, working, your whole day united with Mine in the past, your actions dipped in My blood and clothed in My merits. There is nothing difficult about this; it heals you of your usual poverty and wraps you in the richest garment. Then, My little child, couldn't you try something so simple? Acquire the habit by gazing at Me as I gaze at you. You love this look of your great Friend? It's like a caress. Always it is power. Like My words. Like My Eucharist. Everything about Me is power. Life-Power. Isn't that a joy? Doesn't it give wings to your love in a greater understanding of the divine Being? If you only knew who God is... And how much He deserves to have you study His unsearchable riches, His generosity, His extreme goodness, His love, and again - yes, and always - His love, for love is the essence of His Being.

When you have entered into the treasure-house of His love, you will stay there. You will make it your home. That's where you belong. And from there, as from a lofty balcony, you will see life, your neighbour, service for God's glory from a new viewpoint that will completely change your usual petty opinions. The saints saw things differently from others and that is why they seemed to lead strange lives. They didn't have the same eyes.

The atmosphere of the world is so false that it is foreign to truth. So go deep into My domain of love and lock yourself in."

--He and I

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