Sunday, July 14, 2013


By Pavel Chichikov

I saw the swallows rise and dip and soar
Stall and fall and rise and travel more,
In the dusk they fed until the night
Unconstrained and brilliant their delight

That which has such freedom to control
An allegory of the blessed soul,
God will give us nests beneath the eaves
Of heaven when His spirits He retrieves

We will be the swallows of His air
To which not even swallows can compare,
Catch the buds of brilliance on the wing
                        And to the fledging universes bring 

By Pavel Chichikov

I saw two owls in the woods,
One of darkness, one of thunder,
When they called I understood
That dark and light are torn asunder

Each had eyes to see the other
One flew east and one flew west,
One the sister of her brother,
Each repairing to its nest

Eyes to shine within the darkness
Wings of silence, wings that roar,
When they parted in distress
Seams between the worlds that tore

When the two had flown apart
Nothing in the world made sense,
When they coupled there was art
                        And love and music and pretense

The Poetry of Pavel Chichikov

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