Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pope Francis and Light

"Are we open to the Holy Spirit? Do we let ourselves be guided by him? Christians are “spiritual”. This does not mean that we are people who live “in the clouds”, far removed from real life, as if it were some kind of mirage. No! The Christian is someone who thinks and acts in everyday life according to God’s will, someone who allows his or her life to be guided and nourished by the Holy Spirit, to be a full life, a life worthy of true sons and daughters. And this entails realism and fruitfulness. Those who let themselves be led by the Holy Spirit are realists, they know how to survey and assess reality. They are also fruitful; their lives bring new life to birth all around them."

--Pope Francis in June 16 Sunday Homily

Pope Francis is a pope bringing the light of faith right close and personal into our souls, with a child-like quality. The penetration of light. This child-like quality has an influence on the manner of the penetration of the light. The light is often like little baby hands play-slapping our thick adamant skulls of darkness. He exposes hypocrisy in me and all sorts of things, but it's light, God's light.

We are to be crucibles which bear fruit, knowing we are sons and daughters of the crucified King. We have been given a great mercy with our Pope, for the light he is shining is a purification that is at the same time gentle - really, of the meek nature of Christ. A diffuse sort of beam - that at times can be very sharp - that has behind it, or rather leads to, the freedom of sonship with the Son. It is happy purification with him.

One would be wise to be docile to him, just as he is docile.

For certain times are coming when purification is not going to be happy but is going to hurt.

UPDATE: I like what Terry Nelson writes about the "boat altar".

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Thanks - you are about the only one to like what I said about it though.