Monday, April 6, 2009

Need Both

Drawing is Confession. Painting is Communion.


Owen said...

I would love to read more on this thought; a fuller explanation or description. It's a thought provoking quote. A quick g00gle search turns up nothing so I'm assuming it originates with you. So, I'd love to hear more.

O = art = poetry

Paul Stilwell said...

Owen, I've actually been writing (mostly in my head) something like a "manifesto" (okay, not really a manifesto) of which the words in this post of course encapsulate. I'll hopefully get around soon to banging out the words and posting it. It does help to know someone wants to hear it (for good or ill)!

Thanks also for the links. I love your work and poetry, and I'll be getting over there to wade around more deeply.

Owen said...

certainly I have an intuitive sense of the will be interesting, should you get around to writing it, to see what you mean by it. Right now I feel it easily describes where I am, personally, and could be a by-line on my own sites.