Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Seeds! part 2

This one's an impatient little bugger. Recalling this post, entitled 'Sweet Seeds!' I planted these ones Dec. 20th. I only discovered this one sprouted yesterday, and by the length of the root so far, I would roughly estimate it sprouted January 1st.

Of course, that could be me just being fanciful; having the tree sprout on New Year's Day. Nonetheless, whatever day it sprouted, it was quick. I remember waiting last year up to months before getting one of these kinds to sprout. I'm thinking these are fresher seeds. They are from a more local source, on Vancouver Island.

Oh yeah, I had to take seven of the seeds out of their pots and re-plant them into new soil; this time putting them in one large container, and I will just pull each one out as it sprouts and plant it in a larger individual pot, for which 2 litre plastic pop bottles will be used, with some of the narrow top portion cut off.

The reason I had to re-plant them was because of mould. Mould is the seed grower's Dark Enemy. Period. Of course, so is the seed grower's own stupidity.

When you have seeded pots indoors with plastic covers on, you have to leave the covers off at least for a day immediately after watering. Or else...

Oh, and the riddle still stands:

Just don't get yourself too riddled over it. Doesn't a Thesaurus sound like a dinosaur from the Jurassic period?

Both the sentences are part of the riddle.

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