Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Quotes

"It [painting] absorbs the whole man, body and soul..." --Max Beckmann

"...every figurative painting, but especially the 'painting of light' from life, is intrinsically a positive counter-move to this anti-cultural ideology [Modernism]. It combines the whole mind and body of a person into producing a thing of excellence, immersing the human in a higher contemplation of the tangible world." --James Gillick, from Painting in Light, StAR Jan./Feb. 2009

"The important thing is first of all to have a real love for the visible world that lies outside ourselves as well as to know the deep secret of what goes on within ourselves." --Max Beckmann

"Open thine ears to the voices of nature, and thou shalt hear them in concert inviting thee to the love of God." --Ven. Louis of Granada (From Father Anthony Ho)

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