Monday, July 7, 2008


Do you hear that?

It's the sound of nobody weeping.

I've stayed away from Starbucks since I read this. There's more here.

It's been around a year now, except once when I went with a friend who is a regular at Starbucks. I'm too lazy to start giving the reasons why one should boycott Starbucks when the person has already pulled into the parking lot, with full intentions of getting his coffee.

I honestly don't miss Starbucks one bit. The following may sound like one breaking the principle of non-contradiction, but I've never hated a coffee that I liked so much. Or I've never liked a coffee that I hated so much. And I mean both in the realm of pure taste, removed from all corporate baggage.

I would get the dark roast and it was the olfactory sense when you first sipped it in the morning. But then there was the acrid flavour when swallowing. Combined, the memory of the over-roasted acridness was enough to make me keep on driving by the place on the way to work.

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