Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The extra terrestrials have been real all along

The aliens are coming. They are already here. Their flying devices are in the air, shining on the horizon!

We called them aliens, only to our detriment. We made fireside tales in our dim primitive theaters, making do with the flint and tinder of celluloid and then thinking ourselves so far advanced for going digital, like one going from the flint and tinder to a bic lighter.

We pretended they were like foreigners from the remotest regions unknown - and even then, only in the remotest region of the imagination. When in fact the universe is there's, and our imagining them is a result of their own direct communications. The dimness of the imagining is owing to our own pathetic faults, like morse code technology receiving information from the most advanced wireless telecommunications.

We are the occupiers of the remote corner, the grubby little parasites sucking up life and taking up too much space here on the planet earth. They are the enlightened beings. They never knew of the Fall, and the mark of the paradisal state is known by Progress - technological advancement.

We failed to listen to them, to the warnings they have been communicating to us. They tried teaching us the technological advancements that would guide us into the cosmic era. And now they are here to blast us with their cosmic laser rays!

Only the initiate will be left unharmed. Others that are not killed but which are not of the initiate will be taken for experimentation and as primitive artifacts to be preserved in the museum that will keep record of the degenerate art science that preceded the cosmic new age.

Will you not now cut your throat as a libation to the enlightened ones?

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