Thursday, August 15, 2013


"If I have found any fruit, it has mostly come from home-schooling families."

--Fr. Sauppe in his article, You’ve contracepted our parochial school out of existence

H/T: Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!


Enbrethiliel said...


The article and the comments paint an interesting sociological picture--doubly interesting if the quotation you chose is to be its caption. I'm sure Father Sauppe means the fruit of faithfulness to Catholic teaching about the family, which means more than 1.7 children. But it could also refer to the fruit of faithfulness to Catholic teaching about everything else, which means a solid Catholic education for those children.

It's true that smaller families create one sort of problem. But stratospheric tuition fees create another. What do you do if the families you want to attract can't afford the prices you want to charge? I'd say that the elephant in the room seems to be the loss of vocations to teaching orders. Which is not to say that money should be shaved off lay teachers' salaries, but that we're also dealing with a greater mentality which sees Catholic education as just another service you can outsource to skilled professionals.

As an aside . . . I know a family that tried homeschooling six kids when they hit a rough patch, really hated it, and are still bitter that the parochial school didn't step up to help them with their children's education, at a time when they could have used a helping hand. Now that the parents are back on their feet, the children are in a non-Catholic private school.

Paul Stilwell said...

Catholic schools should definitely make "arrangements" for families that either are starting rough or have hit a rough patch. I know one in Vancouver that does this.

The quotation I used made it unintentionally more interesting. The real reason I used that quote was to get a rise from any snobs. You know, the ones who project their own inexperience onto home-schooling families, claiming that they're breeding children who are provincial snobs.

I was hoping love the girls would make a vitriolic comment about home-schooling, but I figure he won't because the article also positively mentions ecological breastfeeding. LOL!

But now he will. LOL!

But the Catholic school system, educationally speaking...well, ahem. I heard of one lady who actually works in the Catholic school system and she sent her kids to public school. Her reason? "I would prefer my kids get their heresy straight up."

And what about all those TAC kids eh? Sheesh. Supposedly attending that school will give you oodles of kids. LOL!

Belfry Bat said...

for an ignorant of the brethren, ... what is "TAC"? "traditional anglican communion"? "Thomas Aquinas College"? ...

I can confirm that in this here bailywick the parochial schools are also ick; in part this is due to legislation by inimical figures, but only in part. Interestingly, w.r.t this legislated part, the local bishop, about a month after being given a lifetime conclave pass, went on record that he'd not be helping.

Paul Stilwell said...

You got it, Thomas Aquinas College!

Paul Stilwell said...

Oh, and I wasn't trying to imply that love the girls was a snob. I know he's not. I'm just being an ass!