Saturday, August 24, 2013


While driving one day I saw a car with these words on the back of it: 100% Electric.

It was nice to see an ardent supporter of hydro dams. Hydro dams are where the bulk of the electricity comes from in British Columbia.

Of course, that is assuming the words were referring to what makes the car move and not the car itself, which required all sorts of chemical compounds and industrial processes making waste byproducts. In that sense the words 100% Electric would be entirely false; or if they were true in that sense then the driver would be an electrocuted mass of burning flesh.


Canada could practically supply the entire world with water and electricity while having its own citizens use electricity for free. That is an idea my friend had. I like the idea.


Did you know that free trade has destroyed the sovereignty of nations around the world? Basically the economy of each country is held hostage to the economies of all the other countries.


Did you know that when Canada was using debt-free money issued by the government, who controlled the quantity, that school tuition was free?

I suppose that's where Canada's engineers, scientists, doctors, inventors and so forth came from - schooling that was free, which in turn benefited the country. That is what you call honouring your citizens' potential and productions and studies by issuing to those things the bills that open them up to as many potential kinds of transactions as is humanly possible. Which becomes the basis for the economy that those citizens then build: real wealth and production and creativity.

Do you know what the politicians today will tell you in response to this as their reason for rejecting it? That other countries will not then invest in our currency. Seriously.

Do you have any idea what slaves we have all become?


In fact, it was while using debt-free government issued and controlled money that Canada came into itself, as they say. In the schools today they do not teach this. They teach that Canada came into its own because of World War II.

That is a lie.


Did you know that CN Rail, which my Granddad Stilwell had his career in, was sold off to another country? Did you know it was sold off only in order to make interest payments on the national debt, which is there because that's how the money is brought into existence?

Understand that: the company was sold in order to make payments not on the debt itself, but to make payments just on the compounding interest on the debt; and the debt with the compounding interest exists in the first place because that is how the country's money is brought into existence - as an interest-bearing debt.

Do you have any idea how freaking insane that is?


Once I bought a case of local craft beer that stated it was brewed using wind power. I bought it just to try it because I like trying local craft beers; in fact, local craft beers are pretty much the only kind of beer I buy. I like the skunk of Becks and a few others but really, imported beers are a shadow of what those beers are in their own countries. Imported beers really are not that great. I did not buy the wind power beer because it was brewed using wind power. Anyways, I won't be buying the beer again because the beer was so over-carbonated you could barely taste the beer.


I really appreciate beer when it is room temperature. Or just ever so slightly chilled. These beer and wine stores that advertise that they keep their beers super-chilled at zero are one of the many signs - along with unisex hair salons - of the demise of western society.


One day while driving I saw a car with its back entirely decked out in various stickers. Beside the sticker about Tolerance was one bearing a quote from Gandhi; the one about the supreme and all-seeing Gandhi liking your Christ but not liking your Christians.

I've always thought that quote from Gandhi alone was enough to show him for the hypocritical fraud that he was.


I'm friends with an East-Indian family who are quite Anglo in their ways, though if you were to ask them what their religion was, I suppose they would say Sikh. Anyways, they absolutely abhor Gandhi and consider him a fraud.


I won't use the term rad-trad anymore. I'll just say Pelagian instead.


It does make sense, doesn't it, that priests preach against usury as much as they preach against contraception.

Oh, they do indeed preach against love of money. That's a win-win. People love hearing homilies against the love of money - especially the rich.

Anything that introduces a dualism where one needs to devote more time to spiritual things and not the see, suddenly the money thing is fine. It and the spirituality...never the twain shall meet. The rich love that.

But one squeak about usury, by which we mean making money from money - of which our entire economy is based - and not just credit cards and loan companies, and oh, you would get it in the ear. Just like with contraception.

But keep it quiet. You know, as our Holy Father Pope Francis has said, don't make a mess, don't cause upheaval, don't make a noise or stir things up.


Paul Stilwell said...

That's it Mr. Stilwell. I'm done with you. I'm removing my follower status. Making fun of ecological breastfeeding and calling people Pelagians is one thing, but dumping on imported beer just goes too far. So long and farewell. Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!

And maybe you should stop calling people like Christopher West "heretic". It's so embarrassing and it makes me pee my pants.

Belfry Bat said...

an interesting paraphrase?

Paul Stilwell said...

No, no. I'm just being...well, you know.