Monday, March 11, 2013

The Sense of Sin

The first touching point of God's revelation of His love in Jesus Christ is found in the absolute and uncompromising realization of the horror of the least sin in our lives. If the coming of Christ into this world means the forgiveness of sins absolutely, then it must mean that the least sin becomes all the worse for us; for our salvation is not a lessening of sin, but its total removal. That must of necessity mean that the least taint is great indeed, and that a semblance of the lives we are to lead can be found in St. Dominic Savio's motto: "Death before sin."

What results from that state is the adventure of life. This is life, and life in abundance.

If you think this is wrong then you have not read or understood the sermon on the mount.


owen swain said...

Totally unrelated but

Paul Stilwell said...

Many thanks, Owen, for your post. :)

Charles Van Gorkom said...

The fact of sin
meets the fact of God's love
and is overcome in Christ
by tearful floods of His mercy
and grace.

The sense of Sin (and it's answering salvation freely offered to whosoever will in Jesus) has motivated all that is most beautiful in art, music and literature over all the ages of mans existence, and will from beginning to the never end. The mercy and grace without all fathom!