Friday, March 22, 2013


I still love Arvo Pärt, but of late it's been all Rachmaninoff.



he always has that jolie laide way, doesn't he? Rachmaninoff regarded him as the one person who could play his piano concerto no. 3 the way he most envisioned it.

Time-Stamped to start at no. 7:


How does one put Rachmaninoff? One film that I do not like very much refers to him as "elephantine". Yes, certainly. But not quite. That's more a quantitative adjective rather than one which gets across character or personality. I would say Rachmaninoff is magnanimous. So much so that he invites and surrounds.

Large mind, large heart, and large hands. Very large hands.

His etudes, yes. His sonatas, yes. His piano concertos, yes. Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, yes. But you know, I love his three symphonies the most, I think. Probably No. 2. Or No. 3. No, wait, No. 2.


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