Sunday, March 17, 2013

For the confused

"Poor" has its meaning in relation to God, not in relation to "rich".

It means this: that state which allows for the greatest extent graces possible that God wishes to give, filled to the brim and shaken down. Gifts beyond our imagining. Christ Himself - the way, the truth and the life.

This is the poorness of the Church that is present in even the most ornate and rich liturgy.

The world has infested the Church together with the prince of the world, Satan. She has been robbed of her poverty. Her members are puffed up and stiff-necked and altogether on a lost path.

The TLM raises us to the angelic spheres does it? And apparently afterwards, if we were to take the example of certain people, it casts you into the hell-pits of bitterness, sarcasm and calumny towards a newly-elected Pope and the sowing of doubt and division and scandal in the minds of innumerable readers concerning the highest ecclisial members. Mortal sin?


Paul Stilwell said...

The poor Church for the poor that Pope Francis refers to is nothing less than the social reign of Christ the King.

owen swain said...

Spike nails this one.

owen swain said...

P.S. If you want to look in, and if not, no problem.

Pope Francis’s first Homily is good Tradition and good ‘New Evangelization’

Terry Nelson said...


Unknown said...

I too was made very sad and insulted by all of the vile hurled at our Papa Francis especially from the so-called TLM crowd. I cried the first nights after his election when I recalled the comments. I will no longer visit certain sites since they continue to be stuck with the "he's not wearing the mozzetta or the red shoes" I do not wish to be sullied by that as I remain very hopeful, joyful and grateful to our Lord Jesus for having given us Papa Francisco. I love Papa Benedict too and am so happy he is still with us.

Paul Stilwell said...

"Do you actually think that the pope should be shaped according to our ideas?"

Commenter at WDTPRS?

owen swain said...