Thursday, March 14, 2013

The more I read about him the more my thoughts hearken to Servant of God Oscar Romero (not the Romero of the shallow political revolutionary picture often given, but the real Romero). And my thoughts say: maybe what Romero did in El Salvador this Pope will do on a global scale. That is to say, I honestly think our new Pope is a hidden firebrand. But also more than that; much, much more.

More, because he is poor.

The cleansing of the church and continuation of the hermeneutic of the church will be in union with the drawing down of the ire of the world upon it.

They kind of even have a similar sort of look in their faces. At least to me they do.

"...Not any and every priest has been persecuted, not any and every institution has been attacked. That part of the church has been attacked and persecuted that put itself on the side of the people and went to the people's defense. Here again we find the same key to understanding the persecution of the church: the poor." --Archbishop Oscar Romero, Servant of God

The Church does not merely identify with the poor, but finds her identity in and through the poor. And when that happens...heads up. Persecution comes.

Anyhow, a mere five days after his inauguration will be the 33rd anniversary of the assassination (perhaps martyrdom) of Oscar Romero.

Also, is the fact that he has one lung a sign that he will bring together the two "lungs" (JPII) of the Church so that they breathe as one?


I mean that seriously, too.

Surprised by joy: I'm awed and the joy wells up of its own accord. And I'm surprised at my surprise that Christ would treat with His Church as though she really was His Church in giving to us this new Pope, and it's like I've never truly seen the Bride of Christ - that is, as Christ sees Her. But now a strong glimmer of that sight has been given, and I want it to grow.


Charles Van Gorkom said...

It gives me great joy to read this post. A secret joy, an expectant joy at what God is doing and what I expect He might do. In conversations with others around me, the joy seems universal.

Paul Stilwell said...

Yes! Thank you Charles.

Terry Nelson said...

Wonderful post. Wonderful pope. I told someone it is like Christ has come back - as if he ever left us.