Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Did you know that if banks were to practice Fractional Reserve Lending (lending money they do not have) without charging interest it would still be usury, the likes of which is unprecedented in human history?

It's not the interest on Fractional Reserve Lending that makes it usurious, though it definitely compounds the abuse. It is that Fractional Reserve Lending, in and of itself, done on the scale it is done, legally without limit in the U.S., manipulates the money supply. That is, the money supply already in existence.

It manipulates the money supply by devaluing it. In myriad forms, either sooner or later, whether it takes a couple years or decades or even a century, people have to default and foreclose and go bankrupt - not simply because the interest killed them, but because their money itself was devalued, along with every other person's. Think about it. Then the banks reap those assets up: this is the manipulation of money in order to consolidate wealth. And that is usury.

Side note: Any loan or lending (credit) that has any amount of compounding interest, it is usury. I'm not sure of any instances in which just a flat interest price is quoted. Credit card companies are usurers.


Kevin O'Brien said...

And if Chase is charging you 30% interest per annum, and charging you 30% interest on that interest, and your $1,000 credit card debt, unpaid, becomes $10,000 in just a few years - well, if that happens and you pay Chase $1,000 to settle the debt, Chase will report to the IRS that you have reaped a $9,000 profit, $9,000 in income, by virtue of having that artificially inflated debt wiped out. And you will be taxed on that "profit" that you never saw and never had the benefit of.

Paul Stilwell said...

It's so sick and insane. We are living in the Great Fleecing of the Ages.