Monday, November 26, 2012

Baby Eaters

"From the earliest days human beings have made good use of unwanted children. They were thrown into the fires to feed Moloch a god of the Canaanite, they were employed as slaves and still are in many places. They were sacrificed to insure good harvests to the rain god Tlaloc by Aztec priests who then ritually ate their corpses. Why all the sentimentality about not eating them? No one wants them. Though there is very little actual eating of babies as of this current writing, I have every confidence that, with time, that will change.

....So let us be honest and brave and stop referring to abortion and abortion rights and abortion clinics. Let us call it what it is: Baby Eating. Those who participate in it are Baby Eaters. People need to say quite boldly and clearly that by their vote and their tolerance they admit that people have the right to eat their own babies, or the babies of those who throw their children in dumpsters. Baby Eaters. Get used to the term. We are a society that devours its young."

--Reverend Know-it-all responding to a query about Senomyx's use of fetal cell lines for developing better tasting drinks: HERE.

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