Friday, November 23, 2012

Golden Oldie VII

Still in the following Still Report touches on the 1869 Gould/Fisk gold scandal, which was the first - though not the only - originator of the term "Black Friday":

I always wonder why, when it comes to "fiat" money, some people refer to it in disdainful terms over the fact that it would come from, and would be circulated by, and controlled by, and gain its representation of wealth from, people - like the very thought that it comes from people means it is automatically an empty fraud - or as James Garfield put it: "the printed lies of the government".

It's as though after the references and job requirements were met, the hiring of a person for a job ultimately being decided on trust (which is ever and always the case) were a horrific and damnable frailty that needed to be cleansed from the human mind; and that if the person's performance in that position after being hired was excellent, it were to be declared a charade that came out of thin air because it wasn't "backed" every step of the way with the completion of those tasks for which the person was hired, before those tasks were ever completed.

But when it comes to the Gold Standard it is ubiquitously referred to in non-personal terms, like its market value did not come from people; and that a market value isn't "fiat", as though a market value is what makes and controls a "real" economy; and it's always referred to in terms of a kind of supra-clockwork auto-benevolence that will set things straight and make things "real", like it was some kind of monolith that just fell from the sky.

Never mind what gold and how much gold and where is the gold.

Whose gold are you referring to? The 2/3 of the world's gold that the national banks own?

The gold of the personal investments of Mike Maloney and Ron Paul? Oh yes, they certainly would love to see, and indeed, put forth their efforts towards, the implementation of a gold standard.

Yes, only gold and silver are money - right, and there's no such thing as conflict of interest. As long as your right hand does not know what your left is doing - I suppose that's how Maloney and Paul do it. It's the way the money-changers of the temple did it.

Update: The follow-up reports to the one above:

"Just as the rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender." --Proverbs 22:7

 So what's wrong with the government borrowing? Gee, I wonder.

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