Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saintly Quotes

We should offer ourselves and all we have to God, that He may dispose of us according to His holy will, so that we may be ever ready to leave all and embrace the afflictions that come upon us. --ST. VINCENT DE PAUL.

It is true that God promises forgiveness if we repent, but what assurance have we of obtaining it to-morrow? --VEN. LOUIS DE BLOIS.

It is the key of obedience that opens the door of paradise. Jesus Christ has confided that key to His vicar, the Pope, Christ on earth, whom all are obliged to obey even unto death. --ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA.

Is there any one in the world who has invoked thee, O Mary, without having felt the benefit of thy protection, which is promised to those who invoke thy mercy? --ST. BERNARD.

From Father Anthony Ho

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