Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drawing on Canada Day

The old and the new. I went into Redwood Park early in the noon and drew the above. Many trails in the lower regions of the wood are crowded in on either side now with berry bushes showing and hiding their gems. As I walked I was being pulled left and right by the ripening berries in profusion. Salmon berries, thimble berries...and red huckleberries - big red huckleberries. I love them all, but the thimbleberry is one that tastes like jam without having to be turned into jam.

It's a good way to spend part of Canada Day, in the thick of the woods, eating wild berries and drawing. As I came out of the woods and came up the grass knoll there was the smell of barbeque smoke. People were gathering.

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Owen said...

A fantastic way to spend part of our national holiday. Good on you.