Friday, July 17, 2009

Bottleneck the common people; grant access for the rich

Nationalized healthcare in pratice is probably the best example of how all government is in so many respects fundamentally limited in its actual abilities; and that all programs thus brought about, seek, by their very nature of ineffectiveness, to severely limit actual people in order to make the program "work", rather than changing the program to make people "work".

All protocol, or what have you, is merely an extension of that inherent limitation.

Really, "nationalized" and "healthcare" is an oxymoron. How can a system, a bureaucratic system, ever hope to meet the unforeseeable, multiple and ever multiplying, changing, immediate, ongoing health needs of human beings, and that effectively?

The only system capable of that task is no system at all; and not only no system but the instituted assurance that no system will ever take over; that it is continually broken down into ever multiplying, and thus healthily competing, enterprises of self-reliance.

Canada is proof that nationalized healthcare (go to Steve Crowder video) not only does not work but creates a worse situation than before.

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