Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Night

It's been a night of surprises at the Oscars. The first major award of best supporting actor went to some guy and he thanked some people. Everyone was expecting whatshername to win best actress but her expectations were dashed when the award went to Weepyface for her understated and controversial role in Feministchoicehistoricalrevisionismwhatever. Guyinsuit won best actor and in a speech that received a standing ovation from three quarters of the crowd he said this was for all the whatsitcauses that are getting more fasionable. Director, Ferableaumex Kaumoulouis was much elated as he went up a second time to receive the Oscar for best picture for his film One Night of Orphan or some other kind of person in Street, Exposing Urban Something or Other, or possibly Unflinching Look into the Arab World and into Drastic Dire Changes in Something or Other World, or whatever the title of the film was. The Oscar host, Funny Person, got many laughs, especially when he said something that was really funny. At one point though, there was dead silence and some boos when he said to whatshername not to worry because there is always next year, so don't stop starring in roles as drifting losers or something.

In all, it was a good Oscar night, and I'm glad I didn't watch it -er, glad I'm not watching it.

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