Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Desert Fathers


XVI. A certain philosopher questioned the holy Antony. "How," said he, "dost thou content thyself, Father, who art denied the comfort of books?" He answered, "My book, philosopher, is the nature of created things, and as often as I have a mind to read the words of God, it is at my hand."

By the by, I came randomly on this passage in The Desert Fathers book, just after posting the question below in the post "Dilemma".


Anonymous said...

My wife wants the desert father books after Kathleen Norris repeatedly cited them in her book Dakota. She was just looking at them on Amazon over lunch today!

Paul Stilwell said...

It was a friend who gave me the paperback he had on his book shelf, just the other week. I have a habit of going through his books when I'm over there. And he has a habit of giving them away. I never object to that.