Friday, February 27, 2009

Do you know how to program a compu--//**^^..>>]-]-b-bake bread?

"It was always cold in the house...'cause they didn't want to use up what they had in case it got colder. We'd be all dressed up sitting there by this little stove...but my mother used to bake bread in that stove, and the bread was just delicious. Everything was terrible but we had good food."

I'm sure that in an economic crash people who know nothing of food preparation and cooking would be forced to discover how to cook basic good food. Nonetheless, one may find it interesting and worthwhile to watch someone who has actually been through the Great Depression cook food. Apparently Clara Cannuciari's Great Depression Cooking with Clara videos are quite popular. I've only found out about them today. She also talks about her experiences somewhat in her videos.

Her site can be found here. Her youtube videos can be found at that site, under the "episodes" category.

Hat tip to Spirit Daily.

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